Fast Elettronica is a well introduced company in the electronic components market since 1976. Is the sole agent and distributor of well known Companies leaders of the World Market.

We benefit from our many years of experience, and we are specialized in the passive components, optoelectronics and equipments, and therefore we have made our own success in the markets of telecommunications, automation, automotive, security and computers, guaranteeing quality in the service on the whole national territory at more than 1500 customers.

Our business is marked by a strong focus on innovation, our strenghts are stability, loyalty and dynamism, that solely in combination with competence and availability lead to success.
The quality of the products in catalogue and our service with almost 1000 items in stock are the key factors of success that have always distinguished us.

Our commercial technical accounts collaborate with the designers on the realization of our products, building a strong and long-lasting relationship with our customers.
We offer a high level of flexibility and an ambitious team, dedicated to the customization of your ideas and to push our product development to full satisfaction.